Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds can add a touch of class and shade to your Brisbane home

Until recently vertical blinds were the common choice for covering wide windows and sliding doors. Considered one of the most functional of all the blinds, vertical blinds suit nearly any window and/or door.

Having been the most popular blinds for decades, whilst there are now many other options available on the market, vertical blinds still provide an affordable way to add privacy and shade to your home.

Vertical blinds have evolved over the years, with so many more choices on the market there’s a vertical blind to suit anyone.

Vertical blinds can complement your décor or make a statement

Vertical blinds were usually an afterthought for the home, but with all the new colours, fabrics and sizes available, vertical blinds can add a feature to your home.

Whether you have a small window or large sliding door to cover, we have many vertical blind options to suit your needs.

Did you know that vertical blinds can help reduce the energy costs of your Brisbane home?

Vertical blinds can prevent light and heat from entering your home, thus having a cooling effect and reducing the need for air conditioning.

Closed vertical blinds offer privacy, and open they can control the light that enters your home, you also have the option to open them completely, giving you an unobstructed view when needed.

Vertical blinds reduce sun damage in your Brisbane home

Whilst adding privacy and blocking out unwanted light, vertical blinds can also reduce the effects of sun damage in your home. Washing our carpets and furniture, sun damage can be a costly side effect of not having window furnishings.

Vertical blinds are great for your health

Reducing the effects of the sun, vertical blinds can help prevent headaches caused by the glare from the sun. Plus, one great thing about vertical blinds is, they don’t tend to pick up the dust and dirt in your home because it falls between them.

Vertical blinds are a great addition to any Brisbane home, call 1300 791 112 for a free quote today.