Plantation Shutters Brisbane

By buying plantation shutters for your Brisbane home, you are getting the finest window furnishings on the market

Plantation Shutters are the finest window furnishings on today’s market and with our custom-made solutions, we can fit them to almost any size or colour to meet your décor.

As the manufacturers of plantation shutters in Brisbane we can customise your shutters to fit almost any shape or size window.

With the option of timber, aluminium and PVC, you can have a plantation shutter to meet your specific needs.

Need complete block-out in your Brisbane home? Plantation shutters are a great option.

Sitting within window casements perfectly, plantation shutters can completely block-out light, meaning shift workers, babies and young children can sleep easy through the day in restful darkness.

Whether you want an unobstructed view or complete privacy, plantation shutters can provide both for your Brisbane home

Plantation shutters can provide complete privacy for your Brisbane home when shut, however, you also have the option to open them completely, giving you a completely unobstructed view.

Customise the natural lighting in your Brisbane home with beautiful plantation shutters

Plantation shutters can be opened to manipulate the flow of air and natural light into your Brisbane home. With the slats turned upwards you can enjoy the natural daylight without the glare of the sun. If you open the slats completely you can allow the natural daylight to flood in, usually ideal for winter.

Plantation shutters give you the ability to adjust the air flow in your home, to keep it cool or heat it up, so you can save on your energy bills. Plantation shutters give you some control of the elements entering your home, whilst looking spectacular.

With the option to build tiers of plantation shutters, you can open sections independently of one another, thus giving you further control.

Our bi-fold options also allow you to fit plantation shutters into a variety of spaces.

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Plantation shutters don’t just look great, they are a solid long-term investment, with a lengthy lifespan. Call us today and see how we can assist you.

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