Loose Lay Vinyl Plank

Loose lay vinyl plank is a beautiful addition to your Brisbane home

Taking the natural look of wooden floor boards and recreating it into a beautiful vinyl plank has breathtaking results.

Not only does loose lay vinyl plank look good, it’s also extremely hygienic, so it’s great for you and the health of your family.

What are the benefits of laying loose lay vinyl plank in your Brisbane home?

  • First and foremost, it looks great. Loose lay vinyl plank can give your home that modern, clean and sleek finish you’ve always wanted.
  • Loose lay vinyl plank is an affordable, hardwearing and durable flooring option.
  • Loose lay vinyl plank is particularly good in rooms that are subject to getting wet, like the bathroom, as it is water resistant.
  • Loose lay vinyl plank can come in a variety of colours, patterns and textures, to suit your décor.
  • Loose lay vinyl plank is incredibly quick to install.

How easy is it to maintain loose lay vinyl plank?

You have enough to do at home without any extra maintenance, loose lay vinyl plank is as east as simply sweeping, dusting and an occasional mop with soapy water. No need to use chemicals or wax on your floors, loose lay vinyl plank needs minimal maintenance, keeping your Brisbane home looking amazing.

Our loose lay vinyl plank comes with a warranty

We guarantee that you’ll love your loose lay vinyl plank flooring, we are so confident that all our floors come with a warranty.

  • 25-year Residential Warranty
  • 15-year Commercial Warranty

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Speak to one our representatives our loose lay vinyl plank options for your Brisbane home.


Per box 10pcs 2.167sqm

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